Jeff Karr, Karr’s Landscaping and Maintenance

I’ve been using Ron’s Automotive for over 15 years and would not even consider using anyone else.  They know their stuff!  They do a job ONE time and they do it RIGHT. They also use genuine parts. 

This kind of dependability is very important to me.   I run a company that has 12-15 trucks in the field at any given time.   My entire operation literally depends upon our automobiles running properly.  Anytime I have a vehicle in for service, they will do a once-over and let me know if they see other problems creeping-up.  Though shady mechanics in other shops have scammed people selling them useless goods, you truly get the Real Deal if Ron’s Automotive does a “once-over” of your vehicle:    whatever Ron says, you can take to the bank!  

I must also add that Ron’s Automotive is aligned with L&A Wrecker Service!  This makes for a wonderful convenience for my business.  I can make ONE call and know without a doubt that my truck will be taken care of that day.  In my line of work, this kind of convenience is priceless.


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