Craig R. Cortright
 Dear Ron,
 Wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for the hospitality, service and assistance which you and your staff extended to me on June 12 2009,

when early in the morning my vehicle broke down on my way to fulfill a contracted installation for a customer in Edmond, O.K. I ended up at your facility before you opened and when you opened, proceeded inside to wait in for the morning activities to begin. I was immediately blessed when I was invited to join your morning devotionals, which I did.

Following that, your mechanic investigated the cause of my break down and you advised me that it was not going to be a quick fix, requiring the day to complete the repairs. As I was trying to determine what I was going to do, since not completing the contractual obligation I had before me was not an option, you offered me the use of your pick-up to transfer my equipment to the customer in order to complete my obligation. This is was not only a tremendous blessing to me, but quite a surprise as well. It certainly was service well above and beyond and I am deeply grateful for your offer. Needless to say, the repairs to my vehicle were accomplished on time and I was able to complete my responsibilities as well.
I am writing this following another breakdown a week later on a installation trip to Abilene, where I ended up at another AC Delco shop and was greet with the same exceptional service that. I found at your shop. The owner of the shop did not have a spare vehicle for me to use, but was most gracious in ferrying me back and forth to the hotel where I was staying and the job-site location.
While I trust that this is the last of breakdowns for quite some time, I am quite impressed with the service and customer service I received at both locations and if this is the kind of experiences that one can anticipate at independent AC Delco facilities, I will be looking for them in the future and recommend them as well.
Thank you again, for your service above and beyond the call of duty.
Best Regards,
Craig R. Cortright
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